Sarah Skelley Art
Atlanta, GA
phone: 678.986.5448

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Questions and Answers

What do you need in order to do my pet's portrait?


    To begin your one-of-a-kind portrait, I need to know what size canvas you want, any colors you prefer, and a photo     of your pet. You will also need to pay a deposit (50% of the total cost of your portrait)..



How do I get the photos to you?


    The best way to send me photos is via email or through my facebook page, but I also accept snail mail. 


What kind of photos do you accept? 


    Photos can be digital prints, scanned images, cell phone photos, or anything in-between. Due to copyright laws, I         am unable to work from professional photos unless I have written consent from the photographer. 


What kinds of photos work best?


   Close up photos of the face, in good lighting make it easier for me to get accurate details. For doodles, I will usually      ask for full body shots as well. 


For portraits of multiple pets, do all the pets need to be in one photo?


    No, I can easily composite separate images onto one canvas. 


What if you don't offer the canvas size I want?


    I am happy to work on any size canvas you want. This includes unusal sizes or shapes. Simply ask me for a quote. 


Do you paint people and pets?


    Nope, sorry.  


Is sales tax included?




Why do I have to pay a deposit before the painting is completed?


    The deposit usually covers the cost of materials. This also insures that should I complete your painting and for                 some reason you no longer want it, my time and effort isn't completely wasted. 


What kind of payment methods do you accept?


    Credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express) are accepted through PayPal and Square.

    I also take cash.  Sorry, no checks. 


How long will it take to get my painting or drawing?


    Typically it will take about two to three weeks to complete your piece, depending on my workload. I will always try        to accomodate any deadlines you might have, such as special occasions, but it must be addressed prior to the start      of work.



Feel free to contact me with any further questions.